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Company Profile 3 decades of excellence !!
Mission Statement

Greco-Norsk continuously strives to provide its customers with the best results for them, through an around-the-clock effort carried out by professionals with long time experience in the industry. Greco-Norsk will not compromise its own or its customers’ reputation for short term gains but will rather try to establish long time business relationships for them in their respective fields.
What is it we do?

Greco-Norsk Ltd. and the Greco-Norsk group of companies operate independently as well as as jointly, depending on the nature of contracts/distribution arrangements each company or the Group might have. Our companies concentrate historically on operating in International shipping (both commercial and passenger vessels) and domestic distribution within Scandinavia/Northern Europe, Southern Mediterranean and North America and the Caribbean. North America and the Caribbean has been a predominant market for 2 GrecoNorsk companies and its people for over two decades. International contracts with major manufacturers have brought us all over the world within “specialty markets” from the Far east to Eastern Mediterranean.

GrecoNorsk and the GrecoNorsk Group of companies also own a number of subsidiaries which handle local domestic distribution in various key markets and countries.
Our people

Greco-Norsk employs serious professionals with knowledge in their fields. As a matter of fact, our peoples’ combined experience spans a number of decades.

GrecoNorsk is always interested in finding new qualified associates. Please use the e-mail form to contact us if you wish.
Our results

Our results speak for themselves. GrecoNorsk enjoys 100% success rate in every field has operated in.

You will not find a company that boasts this record anywhere. Especially in so diverse markets. Hard work and innovation allow us to get the results we seek, no matter how difficult a project might be.

From International duty free top brand name sales to passenger fleets and airlines/airports to marine automation systems for commercial vessels, to advanced technology surface coatings sold in the toughest markets in the world, GrecoNorsk and GrecoNorsk Group keep producing amazing results over and over. The harder the challenge, the more interesting it will be for us.


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